How to setup remote docker host


Not all docker images are available for ARM architecture (hopefully this will improve over time). Right now I’m working on a project where images for ARM are not available. Emulation works ok (but slow) most of the time. Lately, I stumbled upon an interesting performance/startup issue when running amd64-based containers using testcontainers in an integration test.

26 Sep 2022

Multiple GIT identities


I have two GitLab accounts - "work account" and "personal account". One is for my professional work, it is registered to my work email. The second account is for my private/learning projects registered with my private email address. I want to keep those things separate and use two different identities when working with git. Lately, I’ve bought a new computer and had to set up this again.

12 May 2022

Gson failure in end-to-end tests


Using Gson in your e2e tests might result in tests passing even when contract is broken. Gson is quite imprecise when it comes to deserializing objects from json. Is there any difference between an enum and a string? Is there any difference between s string and a number? Using Java you might answer: sure there is. Even when talking about JSON you’ll answer: yeah there is a difference. But for GSON? Meh whatever.

23 Jan 2022

Synchronous communication - circuit breaker and fallback

basics communication

The circuit breaker is a communication pattern that helps to avoid cascading failure of the system and gives dependent services time to recover. Along with fallback values defined by the developer, it gives a pretty wide safe net when communication channel is broken.

7 May 2020

Working with OpenAPI contract in multiple files

development howto

Real-life OpenAPI specification files tend to go really big really fast. In this post, I’ll try to explore how we can split single specification file into multiple files and don’t get crazy while scrolling up and down like a mad man.

23 Apr 2020

Collection like objects in python


Collections are an important part of every programming language. In python, there is a couple of built-in collections like list, set, dictionary but I’m not going to dig into them now. In this post, I’ll explore what it takes to implement collection like objects on your own using collections protocol.

15 Apr 2020

Object oriented programming in Python


Working with python is fun (as with any language you get hooked up on). You can write simple scripts with it, or complex programs and utilities. The most surprising thing for people coming from the java world might be that in this "scripting" language everything is an object. In this post, I’ll explore basic protocols available for user-defined objects.

25 Mar 2020

Synchronous communication - connection settings and retries

basics communication

The simplest possible strategy that can help with communication issues is retrying to execute the request again. Maybe it was just a network glitch and it will work just fine when you try to call it again. Introducing retries is a relatively simple step that can improve the stability of your service. But before adding retries check if you’ll not be waiting for 2 minutes for establishing the connection…​

17 Mar 2020

Synchronous services communication

basics communication

At work, we are splitting the monolithic application into smaller services. From time to time we have some challenges in doing it the right way. Lately, most of the splitting is focused on cutting out frontends to be outside of the monolith. It gives solid results as we are getting logic and business rules in one place. The downside is that most of the communication has to be synchronous which creates interesting problems to solve.

28 Feb 2020