Gson failure in end-to-end tests


Using Gson in your e2e tests might result in tests passing even when contract is broken. Gson is quite imprecise when it comes to deserializing objects from json. Is there any difference between an enum and a string? Is there any difference between s string and a number? Using Java you might answer: sure there is. Even when talking about JSON you’ll answer: yeah there is a difference. But for GSON? Meh whatever.

23 Jan 2022

Microservices are hard


At work, we are slowly breaking down the monolithic application into smaller manageable services. Some time ago we had a very interesting issue which proved that microservices are hard to implement. It’s especially true if you are not there yet but somewhere in the middle. When you need to introduce intermediate solutions which will enable you to work further on the migration to service oriented architecture.

12 Dec 2019