Mock verifications in spock


I do like to write tests in Spock. I’m not sure if I know every feature available but until lately I felt comfortable with my knowledge. Obviously, I should not. There is always something that can catch you off guard. The question is how long will it take to figure out what’s happen.

9 Oct 2017

Introducing springmock

java groovy

I’ve been using springboot for some time now, but there was that one thing that bugged me a lot. While writing integration tests with mocks you are forced to use mockito as the mocking library. That’s great and easy to understand if you are not using spock. The problem is that in spock there are better ways to mock stuff…​

25 Jul 2017

Spock tests grouping using @Category from junit


When the project gets bigger and bigger there should be more and more tests. In the perfect world, all tests should be executed really fast, but life is far from perfect and sometimes some tests are slow. When using Gradle + Spock combination we have few ways of deciding how to group tests. I’m going to explore junit @Category in combination with Spock and grade.

14 Jan 2017